Mental Health at Work

Mental health training empowers individuals with the knowledge and skills to nurture their wellbeing, enhance resilience, and cultivate healthier relationships, leading to a happier team.

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Mental Health at Work

About our training

Creating a mentally healthy and productive workplace requires a holistic approach. Mental health training helps individuals practice self-care, manage stress, and maintain wellbeing.

Companies routinely consider first aid to protect the physical wellbeing of their staff, but mental health is rarely given the same thought. Offering this type of training reduces burnout, boosts productivity, and improves overall health.

British Red Cross provides various courses in the UK, both virtual and face-to-face, to address individual employee needs and empower managers in prioritising mental health including:

  • Wellbeing Support at Work
  • Stress Awareness at Work
  • Building Team Resilience at Work
  • Dealing with Distressed Callers
  • Mental Health Awareness for Managers
  • Stress Management at Work
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Who are the courses for?

Large organisations in private and public sectors where there is high incidence of work-related stress or absence, including: construction, legal/financial/professional services, education, insurance (including call centres), travel, and healthcare.

For help on deciding which course is best suited for your organisation, download our handy flowchart below. 

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Working in partnership with Aviva

Aviva’s field claims employees often deal with customers who have been traumatised or severely impacted by a crisis that has led to an insurance claim. 

Through our psychosocial framework, British Red Cross was able to help Aviva create an industry-first training programme to help their staff develop the skills and emotional resilience to support people in crisis. 

“Working with experts in the Red Cross, we’ve developed a training programme for our field claims employees. This is a first in the industry and it’s already making a significant, positive difference to our customers and our people.” - Aviva

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