The Red Cross Guide to Choosing the Right Mental Health Training

Take the first step to building a more supportive culture in your organisation with The Red Cross Guide to Choosing the Right Mental Health Training. Learn which mental health training course is best for your employees, and begin your journey to facilitating positive, long term change in your business.


Choosing the right mental health training

What will I learn in this guide?

You’ll gain insight into how exactly mental health training works, and what courses Red Cross Training are offering to help you achieve a more pragmatic, supported and engaged workforce. But that’s not all. You’ll also learn:

  • What the core standards for mental health in the workplace are, and how training supports these
  • How to figure out the type of mental health training you need
  • What training methods are available, and which is best
  • Traits to look for in a mental health training provider
  • Actionable steps to holistically support mental wellbeing across your business
  • The British Red Cross approach to mental health training

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